Protection: on the surface or under it.

EPEC provide explosion-protected diesel engine systems for underground coal mines, and hazardous gas environments on the surface.

Our Coal systems are specifically developed to bring modern technologies, including low emissions, to underground coal mining.

Our ATEX units are designed to be particularly simple to maintain in remote parts of the world.

EPEC’s Diesel Engine Systems (DES’s) are complete systems including:

  • Air Intake systems with filters, flametraps and stranglers
  • Exhaust systems with:
    • Water-cooled turbochargers
    • Water-jacketed piping
    • Zero maintenance DPF (Coal products) that doesn’t require regeneration.
    • Exhaust gas cooler
    • Exhaust flametrap and spark arrestor
  • Cooling system designed for high ambient temperatures including PAGAS fans and FRAS belts
  • Controls to prevent the engine running in a dangerous condition

All of our systems are assembled, tested and shipped as complete assemblies on a returnable frame. This means that customers can have faith in the DES’s ability to perform as expected.

EPEC also provide an Installation Manual to guide Engineers designing the installation and the required driveline.

EPEC’s Coal DES’s offer markedly improved emissions, providing a safer environment for Miners. This is achieved without the use of disposable exhaust filters! This saving alone can result in a 1-year payback period in some cases.

Our Coal products are suitable for both OEM equipment and re-powers. Commonality of spare parts across vehicles fitted with EPEC engine systems reduces maintenance and spare part costs. Operator familiarity is also improved due to one operating platform.

If requested, EPEC can meet with your project team, review details of your requirements, and then provide a detailed proposal showing the potential savings and enhancements including financial options to best meet your specific requirements. All proposals are tailored to meet your internal approval requirements with short term paybacks and high ROI’s.

Contact us for details so we can find the best solution for you.