We commit, we deliver – We set ourselves clear objectives, with clear timeframes. We are dedicated and professional. We plan ahead. We always do what we say we will do.

We maintain respect for each other. We work with our partners co-operatively. We support and enhance each other’s performance. We care about the health and wellbeing of our colleagues and our communities. We have shared responsibility and work together to achieve great things.

We work strongly to provide the safest possible products, to make everyone’s working environment a safer place.

We embrace possibilities – We commit to working together in an innovative manner. We believe that new ideas may spring from anywhere and innovation shapes our future. We actively seek out opportunities. We raise new ideas thoughtfully and we listen generously to the ideas of others. We are optimistic and forward-thinking.

We find balance through understanding – We acknowledge that there are many stakeholders in every project we undertake. We will identify the stakeholders, learn from them and make decisions that best satisfy the widest range of needs.

We undertake to act in good faith and to act fairly and honestly. We are clear about our objectives. We mean what we say. We discuss problems only in order to find solutions. We are confident and focused. We are trustworthy.

We all share this journey… enjoy the ride – We do all of the above with a sense of adventure, enjoyment and fun. Our work is exciting, dynamic and important. We are passionate about engines. We enjoy working with each other and our clients enjoy working with us.